The Waterside Inn

I still haven’t realised it fully, but yes, I got taken to The Waterside Inn for my birthday by my amazing husband!! And it was everything you’d expect it to be.


No photos or videos were allowed so this is a copy of the ‘Menu d’Excellence’ we had, along with the incredible paired wines. And some photos of my favourite tree in bloom in South of England at the moment that you can see everywhere in the lovely town of Bray. Most people don’t go to Bray for the countryside though, but for some of the best restaurants in the world. With 3 Michelin stars for over 20 years, the Roux family has created a chef d’oeuvre of classic French gastronomy.

After a glass of their Michel Roux Champagne, I was seriously tempted to spend the whole dinner drinking it but I am glad my husband convinced me to have the paired wine. We discovered new wines and I had a good laugh with the Sommelier about their wine menu not listing any Cotes du Ventoux reds from my region.

The service was incredible, so incredible that you immediately feel part of the family and I was very sad when I got in the cab only 5 hours after setting foot in Bray.
This is the meal of a lifetime, but yet it feels like it should be a ritual. When people asks me what I would do if I ever were a millionaire, this is it: The Waterside Inn would THE place to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, births and more.


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