Food experiences

Good restaurants, street food, days out or any activities I find worth sharing with you will be available here.

Restaurants/ Street Food:

Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory– London

Musselmen on Kingsland Road

Lochleven Seafood Café– Scotland

The Coruisk House– Skye Island

The Three Chimneys– Skye Island

Caxton Grill– London

Monty’s Deli– London

Restaurant Christian Etienne– Avignon France

Homage at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel- London

Foraging and wild cooking

Foraging Trip 1: The Elderflower Walk

Foraging Trip 2: The Bramble Walk

-Foraging Trip 3: The Garlic MustardWalk/ Pony Walk

Baking in the bush in Botswana


Cooking in professional kitchens:

Waterhouse Restaurant, Hackney London:

-Introduction to the Waterhouse Restaurant

Night 1: Pastry


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