Caxton grill

adam handling

Adam Handling

Whoever watched Professional Masterchef have noticed how talented the young Adam Handling was. His classic style with beautifully presented dishes definitely made him a top chef to watch and for all to be inspired by. We went to check him out at the Caxton Grill and it was a great experience!
I found his residency at the Caxton grill totally adequate. The restaurant is situated in a quiet and elegant area around St James park. The dining room was very spacious with a modern style and yet we felt very much at home. We took advantage of their £35 deal for a 3 course meal with a complimentary glass of prosecco.
The service was fantastic. The menu was explained in details and we received great advice on the wine, and even allowed us to swap the lamb from the deal menu for the signature lamb dish of Adam.

2014-08-29 20.03.47

Parmesan madeleines with chicken butter

We also decided to go for their very clever “wine flight” which is extremely well priced at £15 for 3 glasses of velvety Reds to try with the lamb dishes. If you have a look on their website, you will notice that their expensive 11 course tasting menu consists of an improved version of the deal menu, with a lobster curry and their full range of fantastic nibbles. For £70 it really has to be a great lobster and we didn’t fancy all the nibbles but we still decided to expand our meal with their fantastic choice of nibbles. They were all extremely original and very well thought of. The Parmesan Madeleines were cheesy but still sweet and the chicken butter was more like a cream, but it felt light and nearly like an emulsion if that makes any sense. It was so unique and delicious, definitely a dish to try.

2014-08-29 20.03.59

Crisp Pig and Crab Doughnut nibbles

The Crisp Pig and Marrow with anchovy was my husband’s favourite. It was very crispy on the outside with a soft meaty inside. Yum yum. The Crab Doughnuts were delicious and exceptional in the fact that they didn’t taste like they have been fried…so I am guessing between their healthy taste and their regular shape, they might have been cooked in the oven.


Fennel pollen salmon Peach, radish, dandelions

Fennel pollen salmon Peach, radish, dandelions

The dish that reflected the most Adam’s performances seen in TV was my Fennel pollen Salmon, Peach, Radish, Dandelions. The finesse of the presentation and the flavour combination were all spot on and it was probably my favourite dish of the evening. My husband starter had goats curd which really didn’t work for me as I am not a fan of goat cheese.

Lamb shoulder Ponzu caramel, roast onion

Lamb shoulder Ponzu caramel, roast onion

Our mains were both lamb which was very well cooked. Although simply presented, I loved the classic lamb dish from the deal menu with the roasted onion and the rich mash. I though it was simple and beautifully executed. My husband had the signature lamb dish with cauliflower and cockles. I don’t know if it was the comfy surrounding making me feel so relaxed and homy but I preferred my classic lamb dish instead if the signature dish, it was less balanced and too salty for me.

2014-08-29 21.15.36

Chocolate & blackberries Chocolate truffle, rosemary & blackberry ice cream

The dessert was intensely chocolaty and was a nice end to the dinner. As you can see I was so tempted to see what was under that tempered chocolate top that I forgot to take a picture before the damage…

I heard the cheese platter was also delicious. It was very nice from them to bring us a second chocolate dessert with a candle on top to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Unfortunately we were so full of chocolate that we couldn’t finish it.

On our way out we noticed this twin orchid while waiting for our coats. Unique and beautiful, just like our dinner at the Caxton Grill.

2014-08-29 22.17.02



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