Garden preparations

I have been so busy with work these past few months and I can see that my blog is suffering. This week end though, I was not working but I have another excuse… it’s sunny! London was hot hot hot! Sun shining, blue sky, and a really really messy garden!! So with that BBQ we have planned to host next week end, there was only one thing to do: GARDENING! Quick breakfast, garden clothes and crocs on, it is time to invest some time on these herbs, tomatoes, rhubarb, beans and much more that will eventually end up in my recipes!



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London foraging for wild Cherry Plums

The Regent’s canal means so much to me for a few reasons. First, I live right next to it and it feels like it belongs a little bit to me. I will use terms such as MY canal or YOUR canal to our friend Maite (who also lives close to the canal) when I spot a new baby swan. Second, if it wasn’t for the canal I would probably not cycle to work every day. I know some cyclists deserve to be pushed in the water and be attacked by swans but  not me. I am a very nice cyclist who keeps count of the animals and potential foraging sites. And third, I always find these foraging sites!

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