Strawberry Jam


No foraging this time, but cheap and delicious strawberries from the Goodge Street Station man. He is there everyday of the week, selling his very good fruits for much cheaper than at the supermarket. For Strawberry Jam making, I go old-fashion and use my Grandma’s recipe. She does her jam with her own strawberries and this technique is the best way to conserve the colour and the flavour of these gorgeous summer berries. You can also use this jam to make wild Cherry Plum jam. This jam recipe doesn’t use any added pectin and the end product is a thick dark pink strawberry jam that can be spooned onto freshly toasted sourdough bread. I might have to go and have another one of those right now…. Continue reading


London foraging for wild Cherry Plums

The Regent’s canal means so much to me for a few reasons. First, I live right next to it and it feels like it belongs a little bit to me. I will use terms such as MY canal or YOUR canal to our friend Maite (who also lives close to the canal) when I spot a new baby swan. Second, if it wasn’t for the canal I would probably not cycle to work every day. I know some cyclists deserve to be pushed in the water and be attacked by swans but  not me. I am a very nice cyclist who keeps count of the animals and potential foraging sites. And third, I always find these foraging sites!

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