Truffle Omelette

South of France in Winter means blue skies and cold temperatures, but it also means the best celery of the year, incredible Mache salad, and most importantly: truffle. The season has just started and will last until the end of March, if we are lucky.

IMG_5937The truffles from my region, Le Vaucluse, represent the 2/3rd of the whole french production and they are much anticipated all around the world as they are the best. Tuber Melanosporum, a mushroom like every other type of truffle, is jet black on the outside and marbled on the inside, which gives it its name of “black truffle” or “black diamond”. From the crystal-like structure picture below you will understand straight away why it is referred to a diamond, and it’s also priced at 1000 euros the kilo on average which makes it even more diamond like!

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Banana Tart with Salted Caramel and Pecan Nut Brittle

This dessert came to me while watching Professional Masterchef. None of the candidates this year used combinations as simple as banana, caramel and pecan nuts of course, and there was not enough time for them to whizz up a puff pastry, but somehow their creativity and passion inspired me. It is very simple to make and you really need to give this a go to impress your friends. It is great as a dessert, or for tea, and can be enjoyed all year long as long as you can find ripe bananas!

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Quince Mince Pies

These mince pies are vegetarian and can also be alcohol free by substituting whisky for orange juice. I used yellow/orange ingredients to keep the mincemeat light in colour. I also decided to use quinces instead of the traditional apples. Even thinly sliced, quince keeps its texture and still absorbs the juices and the whisky. Since quince pieces don’t melt away like apple would, I also added chestnut to help the ingredients to stick together.

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Aubergine parmigiano lasagna

I love aubergines and this is another super comforting meal. Of course seasonal summery aubergines are the best to use, but the rich tomato sauce will hide any bitterness you might encounter with out of season aubergines. We started to make our own pasta and it really REALLY makes a difference. If you don’t have a pasta machine and if you don’t want to break your arms at rolling the pasta sheet again and again, I would recommend to use fresh pasta rather than dried lasagna sheets.

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Sourdough Pizza

You might find it quite sad that we eat pizza every single week end… but let me tell you something, our pizza is nothing like shop bought, ordered or frozen pizza. We even prefer our pizza to Franco Manca’s, the dough has obviously the same sour taste coming from the sourdough, but our crust is crunchier and this is what really does it for us. Crunchy on the outside and soft and bready on the inside, our pizza base is perfect and it is also a great way to keep your sourdough starter going.

2014-10-12 14.24.05

The Red

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Giant fluffy coconut pancakes

I won a Kenwood hand whisker at the Bakes and Cakes Show last week end, by guessing Paul Hollywood’s age (48)! I couldn’t wait to finally test it and it fluffed up my egg whites in less than 30 seconds! Extraordinary compared to my ancient one. I decided to make pancakes, just for me as I am alone this week end. Would you believe me if I told you I ate ALL of these pancakes on my own this morning? Well…believe it! I told you I was all about comfort food these days, and these pancakes are an adaptation from Jamie’s American pancakes. I added coconut flour for a crunchier and sweeter pancake. You can also swap some milk for coconut milk for a more coconutty flavour and if you want to go decadent, add some chocolate chips. The whole household was pretty chilled this morning, especially our little kitty girl Vegas.

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