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We went to this fantastic take on the Sunday roast at the Musselmen: Sea food Sunday roast! Incredibly fresh shell fish served with chips and vegetables, yorkshire pudding and different sauces. This platter was for two and it was more than enough. I had a glass of their white wine and my husband got a bottle of Brew Dog and we had a lovely time with our friends Mariam and Eoghan.

2014-03-09 14.13.14My favourite bit on the platter was definitely the battered soft shell crab, the batter was amazingly light and crispy and not greasy at all. The gratinated oyster was also good, I usually prefer them raw with lemon but I guess cooking and hiding them in a nice sauce might push people to try them more easily. The mussels, the langoustines, the prawns and the razors were all served boiled, which makes a pretty healthy lunch! It was the first time I had razors, I found the texture and taste quite similar to sea snails.

The whole deal is £20, which might be more than you spend on an usual Sunday Roast, but if you like sea food, this is a bargain! Don’t forget to book a table early on the Sunday as they WILL run out! If they do run out though, you can still get their £45 deal for 2 with: mussels, fries, a bottle of Prosecco and 2 waffles! Also tested and loved!

The young scottish lady who’s part of the original Musselmen gang from Edinburgh is in charge of the service and she is always friendly and full of energy. She is very attentive and really made us feel welcome, whether you have the East London trendy looks or not! We are local to the area and would love to see more places like this!

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