The Three Chimneys

People say you must have the full tasting menu, especially if you have planned a whole trip around this restaurant, and so we did!

Their menu is available on their website so I am adding a copy here, and if you don’t want to read all my spoilers, I can tell you that there was something incredible in each course. If you are unsure, I will allow myself to make some comments here to help you decide between the full and the “wee” tasting menu.
2014-04-27 20.42.16The crab was a favourite of mine in part because the presentation looked SO beautiful and it’s so rare that I hesitate before breaking this kind of chef d’oeuvre with my hungry fork, and also because of this incredible shellfish jelly that topped the crab parfait. It was sweet and intense and so different, a dish that must have taken some serious work to uplift to such perfection.
The smoked fish was one of my least favourite. A theatrical entrance for a not so refine dish I found. A delicious combination of flavour but maybe a little too “comfy” cooking to what I was expecting and quite a big portion too.
The lobster and prawn dish was delicious and probably the least surprising with old time favourite flavour combination of fennel with shellfish. The various textures of the fennel were incredible and the whole dish felt very comforting.
2014-04-27 21.32.07Now the scallops….this was my favourite dish of the whole meal. I described it to the waiter when he picked my perfectly licked plate and he laughed when I said that Michael Smith had some nerves to serve this. In a good way of course. I have never been keen on scallops with very salty combinations such as chorizo, black pudding and other Chinese soy sauce version, but I never had scallops served with such bitter friends such as practically raw asparagus and blood orange. It was as if the scallops have been cooked in sugar, the bitterness brought their sweetness under the spotlight of your taste buds. I am so glad they were King scallops and that we had 2 of them, I lingered on that dish and really hope that I made the most of it by mixing every single ingredient on the plate together for each mouthful. I wish I could hear about what real food critics have to say about this dish.

I then went for the Oysters and 3 of them were served: 2 natural, and one with cucumber jelly. I love oysters just the way they are but I found that the cucumber jelly added something sweet to the salty oyster taste and it really worked for me. It is quite risky to serve oysters that way as the jelly really doesn’t help for people who are a bit unsure about the oyster texture.

My husband tells me the lamb was delicious and perfectly cooked. And that brought us to more meat with the hare. This dish was too salty for me, and hid the taste of rhubarb and ginger completely.

2014-04-27 22.39.55The hot marmalade soufflé recipe can be found here, I haven’t tried it yet but it’s only a question of time. It was moist and light and slightly bitter. I loved it but somehow it made me crave for chocolate…how weird is that?


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