Muscat Grape, Plum and home-made Marzipan Fruit Tart

We spent a few days in France at my mum’s and autumn is the ideal season for hot South of France. Relatively high temperature (26C), cool nights and plenty of my favourite fruits still around. We went foraging for some muscat grapes and almonds around the house…
I had planned to eat the grapes just as they were, muscat grapes are the grapes to make the famous dessert wine, they are very sweet, with a thin skin and few pips, the perfect table grapes. And I couldn’t quite remember how long it took to pick almonds from when I was young. First you need to check if the tree doesn’t produce bitter almonds…and we got through one or two that we had to discard after spitting out every single piece of chewed bitter almond. It really is disgusting and also toxic containing some kind of cyanic acid. But don’t worry, biting on 1 bitter almond never killed anybody, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell you all about it. Collecting sweet almonds is fun, particularly when nicked from someone else’s field right in front of their house. The English husband didn’t like it at first but quickly got used to it and helped me to collect enough almonds, I thought, to bring back to London.

Of course my mum had decided otherwise and when we got back she said: “What a good idea to make a tart, I just happen to have some pre-rolled puff pastry in the fridge!”. My mum doesn’t bake much therefore I sensed that this tart trap has been pre-meditated and of course I felt into it. Since she fed us all kind of wonders and took us out to a beautiful gastronomic restaurant, I owed her at least a tart. I decided to use some plums that were in the fruit bowl, the muscat freshly foraged and use the almonds to make a marzipan to catch all the juices from the juicy grapes. Everyone loved it!


Muscat Grape, Plum and Marzipan fruit tart

  • 1 puff pastry
  • 150g fresh almonds
  • 50g soft butter
  • 60g granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 5 plums (medium size), sliced
  • Muscat grapes

Crush the almonds in a mortar until powdered but still with some little chunks of almonds to make it look rustic. Cream with the butter and mix we’ll with the egg and the sugar. It won’t look like a bought marzipan, it will be crumbly and darker as we kept the skin on the almonds, but the taste will be incomparable to any marzipan you’ve ever had. Delicious.

Turn the oven on at 180C. Place the pre-rolled puff pastry in the case the shape of your choice. With a fork, pierce the pastry around so it doesn’t create a massive bubble while cooking. Spread the marzipan on the pastry, making sure the area that will hold the grapes, or any other juicy fruits you have, is well coated. Keep some marzipan to decorate at the end. Decorate the pastry with the fruits, my favourite part. This is free style! At the end, add bits of marzipan on the top, during cooking it will become crunchy like crumble topping. Brush the pastry with a whisked egg and bake the tart for 40 minutes or until the pastry is well risen and brown. The fruits should be well cooked and the pieces of marzipan on top crispy.


5 thoughts on “Muscat Grape, Plum and home-made Marzipan Fruit Tart

  1. This is so inviting. Yumm…You have a beautiful blog. Love to read each of your posts. Thank you for stopping by mine. Do keep visiting 🙂

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