A wedding at the Lido

Imagine basking in the sun on a lounger beside a pool and lazily looking up from your magazine to gaze at the small café where you got married? This is what you get when you decide to exchange vows with your amazing husband at the Brockwell Lido in London. Mr and Mrs Harris will feel that way every time they visit their local swimming pool and how many people can say that they’ve got married in a venue where they can go to every single day? I love local weddings, and especially those in small venues that carry so much meaning for the couple.


I was so proud to be their cake maker for their special day. They wanted the very special ginger cake I already blogged about, with white marshmallow fondant, and golden decoration. A few butterflies, some very cool cake toppers, and a gold cake stand. And of course, don’t forget my new skills of flower brush embroidery.


The cake was made with a 12′, a 9′ and a 6′ tin, with an extra 12′ cake cut to add more height to the final look. I was very happy with the proportions of the cake and its height. But adding an extra cake meant there was too much cake for the 90 guests…I guess that’s a good problem to have and everyone, as drunk as we all were, seemed happy enough to go home with an extra slice.
IMG_6617The bride looked amazing. Unfortunately I only had my macro lens and I couldn’t get a whole shot of her beautiful vintage dress with gold and silver sparkles. She looked so natural and stunning, a true beauty.


Of course I shouldn’t forget to mention the sexy groom, wearing the most beautiful suit everyone had ever seen. Looking a little nervous at first, but then so smily and happy. His very best man was there singing encouragements all along the way, literally.
Once again, this wedding showed us all that it doesn’t take much to have an amazing day! Loads of good friends, some good food, a little stress and there… you’re married!


Harris couple by day


Harris couple by night


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