Giant fluffy coconut pancakes

I won a Kenwood hand whisker at the Bakes and Cakes Show last week end, by guessing Paul Hollywood’s age (48)! I couldn’t wait to finally test it and it fluffed up my egg whites in less than 30 seconds! Extraordinary compared to my ancient one. I decided to make pancakes, just for me as I am alone this week end. Would you believe me if I told you I ate ALL of these pancakes on my own this morning? Well…believe it! I told you I was all about comfort food these days, and these pancakes are an adaptation from Jamie’s American pancakes. I added coconut flour for a crunchier and sweeter pancake. You can also swap some milk for coconut milk for a more coconutty flavour and if you want to go decadent, add some chocolate chips. The whole household was pretty chilled this morning, especially our little kitty girl Vegas.

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