Quinoa salad with beetroot, orange and grilled halloumi cheese

Gluten free, complete protein, high in fibre, magnesium and iron, Quinoa really is a superfood. My mum had an obsession with quinoa many years ago and I remember not enjoying that phase much as I couldn’t see why she would swap my evening pasta dish with these sprouted grains that tasted weird when cooked in vegetable stock. I have tried different ways to eat quinoa and came to the conclusion that except if you REALLY can’t eat pasta/couscous, there is no point trying to replace them with quinoa: it would be instant disappointment. Cooked and cooled however, and there you have, to my taste, a worth substitute to a pasta salad. Even better than this in fact, quinoa is crunchy and absorbs dressing without turning soggy like pasta would. Continue reading