Sunny Sunday afternoon cream tea


What a day we had in London today! Spring is on its way and it was the perfect day to sit in the garden for some or run a marathon for others… To mentally support the marathon runners I decided to bake scones! Scones were and still are one of the best british specialities I discovered when I moved to the UK. By making my own scones I also discovered buttermilk and self-raising flour which we don’t find in France or other European countries as easily as here. Scones should not be too dry, they should be well risen, light and fluffy inside, and my favourite part is when you can split them in two with your hands when just baked to release their amazing buttery smell. I really struggled at the beginning to create good scones and improving the recipes was hard when you are not familiar with British bakes. This recipe is adapted from Delia and everyone always compliment me on these scones!

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