The [tough] reality of baking Rye bread at home

“Baking your own bread is so rewarding, it will taste better than shop-bought bread …” blablabla. Baking bread for me involved weeks of trying, failing, reading and sitting in front of the oven waiting for that “oven push” that never happened. I must say I learned quite fast for basic white sourdough bread, but when it came to Rye bread I thought I would never stop producing bricks after bricks. And I am not even talking about a 100% Rye!… this one might take me the rest of the year to master properly…

What a start to a post! But do not despair and get started, because it took me about 3 months to have a tasty, good looking rye bread worth talking about. I honestly believe that if you are keen to start baking your own bread, doing a crash course on bread basics could make your experience more pleasurable. Understanding how active is a starter, how bouncy the dough should be before baking, did I knead it enough, did it rise enough? Being didactical at bread baking is really taking the strenuous route, so make the most of the tips available online and the many good books out there. Or like I said, save up and go to a bread baking course, which I am still yet to do.

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